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Monday, May 20, 2013

SEAGLASS--"Sensational Views Of The Bay and Sushi Bar"

In a quest to eat at all 3000 San Francisco restaurants, Linda and Mike L. McColgan culinary journey recently took them to the new opened SEAGLASS restaurant sitting gracefully at Pier 15 home of the new Exploratorium.
Linda and I enjoyed the awesome views and sensational sushi bar. Everything was very fresh and prepared with delicate perfection. The sushi bar has a dry ice display on the bar that simulates comets revolving around the sun.  In addition, there are Food Tricycles—solar-powered, Dutch-style tricycles—parked around the perimeter of Pier 15, selling coffee, baked goods, and organic soft-serve ice cream. The Exploratorium is also a treat for young or old who appreciate many scientific inventions.
We would definitely recommend this great new addition for the great city by the bay for great family food and fun.
From the web site,”
The Exploratorium at Pier 15 features two eateries and a food program developed by Loretta Keller, Executive Chef, and Clay Reynolds, Operational Partner, both of iconic San Francisco restaurant COCO500. Working with Bon Appetit, the Exploratorium’s official Food Operations Partner, Chef Keller has devised a family-friendly, multicultural, seasonal, locally sourced food program that showcases small producers.
The SEAGLASS Restaurant is the Exploratorium’s flagship dining spot—a sit-down venue with stunning views at the east end of the museum campus. Menu items range from the bold to the familiar. Family-friendly offerings include tacos and quesadillas with organic black beans, Welsh rarebit (our riff on grilled cheese), pizzas, salads, and sandwiches made with just-picked seasonal ingredients. You’ll also find Chef Keller’s signature batter-fried green beans made with local ale, and fresh seafood approved by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch list. Adventurous eaters will find organic grain salads made with kelp gathered in Marin, Mendocino, and Monterey counties, and “living foods” like traditional Japanese pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut. Large-scale versions of Icy Bodies and Thermal Mixing exhibits are incorporated into the restaurant’s interior."
For more information, go to: Click here: Restaurant & Café | Exploratorium

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MY China--"Martin Yan Rocks"

In a quest to eat at all 3000 San Francisco restaurants (500 plus and counting) Linda and Mike L McColgan's culinary journey recently took them to famous chef Martin Yan's new San Francisco eatery located at 845 Market in the Westfield Center home of Nordstroms and many other retail stores. It is also conveniently located to the Powell Street Bart Station.

From the web site, "James Beard Award winning chef and TV host Martin Yan transports the sights, tastes and discoveries of modern day Chinese food to America. He and his all-star crew create a fun and approachable restaurant where every visit offers a new experience.
See, taste and discover authentic Chinese cuisine in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Inspired by years of experience traveling through China, we bring back the best ingredients, flavors and techniques. Watch our chefs in action as they prepare every dish in front of your eyes. See world champion noodle dancers pull giant balls of dough into thousands of thin noodles in minutes using only their bare hands. Taste delicate hand-folded dim sum. Discover ancient Chinese tradition brought to life and interpreted in a thoroughly modern way."
Martin Yan's personality is reflected in this new restaurant that features modern decor, world champion noodle dancers, dim sum, wok and roasted dishes that are fresh creations of Chinese food excellence.
We sat at the noodle bar and watched the chef spin giant balls of dough into thin noodles. The noodle show is very fun to watch and the results are very pleasing to the various dishes that they compliment.
There is also a variety of wines by the glass, beers and specialty cocktails such as "Wealth and Turbulence"(Kraken Rum, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice and ginger beer) that are unique and exciting like Martin Yan.
The manager Chris was very helpful in suggesting a lunch entree. We selected the Beef Hand Pulled Noodle Soup with slow cooked rib eye, baby bok choy and star anise that was seasoned perfectly and graced with fresh noodles from the noodle show.
For dessert, there is a choice of Macau egg tarts, Sugar egg puffs, Sesame seed sweet cakes and DeLise Ice cream or sorbet to satisfy any palate.
Martin Yan offers a unique foodie experience. It is definitely a place to add to your list of places to go in the great city by the bay.
For more information and to make reservations go to: