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Saturday, January 5, 2013

"54th Annual Golf Writers Dinner"

The stars will be out at the 54th Annual Golf Writers Dinner to be held February 5 at Spanish Bay Inn during the 2013 ATT Pebble Beach Pro-AM.

I have been taking my son MJ, 3 time National Special Olympics Golf Champion, Halloffamer and co-author of 5 successful golf books with me since he was 10 years old. MJ always receives kudos at the dinner for his many accomplishments on and off the golf course. Last year we got to sit with the Solheim family who were honored at the dinner. John Solheim awarded MJ the coveted Ping Gold Putter Award in 2009 for winning his National Championships.

The packed ball room of famous golfers and writers always begins with the Piper playing on the ocean at Sunset and then leading everyone into the sit down dinner for a night of golfing ecstasy. Having done both, "The piper playing on the ocean at a Pebble Beach sunset is better than attending Mass at the Vatican."

Some of the people that we have sat with in the past include Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson,  Clint Eastwood, John Solheim and Ken Venturi to name a few.

This year some of the honorees include Steve Desimone, National Champion Cal Golf coach and Pat Hurst, multiple LPGA winner. Johnny Miller, Kay Cockerill and Roger Maltbie will also be inducted into the recently formed Northern California Hall Of Fame.

Last year was the first year for the Hall Of Fame and 4 "Giant" contributors in the game of golf were inducted in the first NCGA Hall Of Fame class. Besides winning many golf tournaments and being former USGA Presidents and true lovers of the game, the happiness flowed from each of these great men's lips as they talked about golf and their contributions to this great game. Their humble acceptance and appreciation of these awards were felt by everyone in the room. Honorees were Jack Bariteau, C. Grant Spaeth, Frank "Sandy" Tatum, and Ken Venturi.

This year's induction promises to be full of lots of interesting stories with Kay, Johnny and especially Roger withdrawing many stories from their rich golf memory banks.

Let's hope warm and sunny weather for the entire week will make for an extra special golf tournament.  It is always a treat to watch your favorite golfers and celebrity's in sports, music, movies and life playing at Pebble Beach, "God's Home Of Golf."

MJ and I are already looking forward to attending number 55.