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Friday, November 17, 2017

Chinese Fondue in Dublin, California

In an effort to dine at all 3000 San Francisco restaurants and visit all 600 Napa wineries, my wife Linda and I recently traveled to nearby Dublin, Ca. We enjoyed a unique foodie experience at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot Restaurant, recommended by a golfing friend.
Hot Pot is also known as “fire pot or Chinese Fondue” invented by Genghis Khan.  It is a colorful array of fresh ingredients, low in fat, sodium and calories and served in a fun and lively atmosphere. 
It is a great experience for friends and any family or business gathering. The service staff is also very attentive and helpful in deciding what to cook.
Hot Pot 101 Instructions are as follows:
Step 1. Choose your favorite soup base original, spicy or half and half. We chose the half and half.
Step 2. Pick your favorite meats, seafood, greens, noodles, and mushrooms.
We chose the assorted meats(beef, chicken, and lamb), shrimp meat balls, Napa cabbage and fresh noodles. 
Step 3. Cook the raw food in your pot in the center of your table and enjoy the heavenly smell and sensational perfectly  seasoned soup.
Step 4. After dinner, savor  one of the fresh desserts served with steaming hot tea. We enjoyed the freshly made Phoenix Yolk buns that were angel wing light and very tasty.
After your fresh and very healthy feast, you are supplied with plastic containers to take home the leftovers for another great meal. We took our soup home, warmed it up in our crock pot and enjoyed a second “hot pot” experience. 
In conclusion, we would highly recommend Little Sheep Hot Pot in Dublin, Ca. for fresh food that is healthy and fun.
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