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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tommy Toys: Exquisite Chinese Cuisine

Tommy Toy's has been the host of many famous people. The wall of fame as you enter the restaurant has pictures of presidents, sports figures, and movie stars. It's elegant decor gives you the feeling of power and passion.

The attentive staff, sterling silver, fresh flowers, and opulent setting prepares your palate for a dining feast. The 3 course lunch special with a glass of wine could be the best deal in town for $16.95.   Having enjoyed many of these luncheons here, they are always productive and etched eternally in your guests minds. 

The Tommy Toy's Signature dinner for $75.00 is also a special treat for a birthday or anniversary. Tommy was still alive and served our family for a special dinner when we celebrated my mother in laws 65th birthday.  They have private rooms for these type of events that are very elegant.

The 6 course Signature Dinner also includes a live Maine Lobster and the presentation of each dish is a work of culinary excellence.
Tommy Toy's Signature Dinner
* all items included
First Course
Crispy Prawns Chinoise with Five Spices and Baby Greens
Second Course
Seafood Bisque Oven Baked in Fresh Coconut, Crowned with Puff Pastry
Third Course
Fresh Whole Maine Lobster with Golden Chives in Peppercorn Sauce Served over
Angel Hair Crystal Noodles
Fourth Course
Peking Duck in Lotus Buns Served with Hoisin Sauce *Carved Table-side
Fifth Course
Medallions of Beef Wok-Charred with Garlic and Rosemary in Red Wine and
Balsamic Vinegar Reduction Accompanied with Tender Asparagus Spears and
Four Seasons Fried Rice
Sixth Course
Peach Mousse in Strawberry Coulis
From the web site, "Dining at Tommy Toy's Cuisine Chinoise is not only a dining feast, but also a visual experience. Once you walk into the restaurant, the opulent setting transports you back to the royal grandeur of the ancient Qing Dynasty.
Tommy Toy's decor was fashioned after the 19th century quarters of the Empress Dowager's sitting room, a treasure of the finest art and domestic comforts. The restaurant has also graced its walls with three hundred year-old tapestries, hand silvered mirrors, powder paintings framed by sandalwood, etched glass panels, carved wooden archways, silk draperies, and Tommy's personal collection of original Chinese fans.

Tommy Toy has created an authentic replica of the Empress’ royal setting by incorporating the mood of Imperial China with an extraordinary display of Oriental antiques and his own personal style.For more information and to make reservations go to